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Quand la beauté n’a pas d’âge

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Certains hommes sont comme le bon vin, ils s’améliorent en vieillissant. Nous avons fait le tour de la toile afin de vous sélectionner les 10 hommes les plus séduisants qui redéfinissent la notion d’ « homme plus âgé ».

Anthony Varrecchia, 53 ans

Eric Rutherford


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“A lot of people experience the hardest parts of sobriety during the holidays — when family, friends, constant partying around alcohol and substances, and even past traumas from this time of the year — all seem to be in full force,” writes @mr.rutherford for @outmagazine “The holidays can be an extremely difficult time, so I wanted to be able to share some of my coping mechanisms with you in the hopes that it might help.” ✨ Hit the link in bio to read more of my tips for staying sober this season ?: @maxwellpoth Giving thanks to friends, family, community and all of you. Every day together creates a fantastic adventure of discovery, blessings and love. ❤️??? I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, loving holiday.

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Philippe Dumas, 60 ans

Aiden Brady, 50 ans

Mark Reay, 57 ans

T.R. Pescod, 53 ans

Garrett Swann, 47 ans

Alessandro Manfredini, 48 ans

Wang Deshun, 80 ans

Gunther Krabbenhoft, 70 ans

Comme quoi l’âge n’est parfois qu’un chiffre !

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